Pasadena, California

On the 26th of March 2017, I, Sheila, went hiking with my scout troop in the San Gabriel Mountains. Our destination was Eaton Canyon Falls, which is a 40 foot tall waterfall.

The drive to Eaton Canyon Natural Area took about 50 minutes (8:30 a.m.), which was where we parked our car. The trail was about 1.75 miles long with 375 feet of elevation gain. The hike didn’t take too long, where we arrived at around 11 a.m. Along the way, we saw many dogs (143 to be exact, which means it is popular for people to bring their dogs along) and had to cross lots of small creeks.





When we arrived at the waterfall, there were lots of people who were admiring the scenery and taking photos. Visitors were allowed to wade in the shallow water where the water fell into a creek leading back to the Natural Area. On a hot day, many visitors would be seen in the waters, but I went on a cold day when the water was freezing. I took pictures in the water with some of my friends, and after we got out, our legs felt ice cold. A good thing to remember is to bring extra socks, since it is very easy to slip while crossing the wet creeks!


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