Washington DC

In 7th grade, I, Kayla, went to Washington DC with my school. My school planed one or two overnight trips for the 7th and 8th graders, and in 7th grade, I went to Washington.

The trip started when I had to wake up at 5 a.m. I woke up at 5 a.m and my parents drove me to LAX to meet up with my classmates. After we all met up, we then went through security, boarded onto the plane, and flew to DC. When we arrived in DC, the first thing we did was get onto our bus and meet our tour guide who showed us DC throughout our whole trip. After that, we left our bags and suitcases on the bus and visited the Washington National Cathedral. After visiting the cathedral, we visited the Washington Monument. After visiting those places and the sun went down, we got back onto the bus and finally checked into our hotel rooms.

On the second day of this 3 day 2 night trip, we all loaded onto the bus and went to see the Lincoln Memorial and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. After seeing the Lincoln Memorial and Thomas Jefferson Memorial, we then went to the White House and The United States Capitol. After going to the White House and seeing how many protesters there were, we got back onto the bus and went to a mall to eat lunch and hang out. 26653c98-0f5f-43de-8b7e-290f53c12c34After we ate lunch, we went back out and split up into two groups. The group that wanted to go to the Air and Space Museum went in one group, and the other group went to the National Museum of Natural History. After going to the museum, we went back to the hotel for dinner and hung out in our rooms for the rest of the night.

On the third and final day of this trip we did a lot. The first thing we did was visit the International Spy Museum just to have some fun. After visiting the museum, we visited the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, allowing us to learn what they did to help our world today. mlk-memorial-inscription-photo-credit-jason-vinesThen, we visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Korean War Veterans Memorial. After visiting those two memorials, we then went back onto the bus and drove back to the airport to fly back home.

If you have the opportunity to visit Washington DC with your friends, I would highly recommend it because it gives you a chance to travel and hang out with your friends without parents.


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