OC Ropes Course

On April 2nd of 2017, I, Sheila, went to the OC Ropes Course in Anaheim, California. I went with about 20 of my friends from my scout crew, where we planned the trips many weeks before.

When we first arrived, there was a large course and a guide to instruct and teach us on what to do. First, we learned about “crab-claws” and how the harnesses were an important part of the climb. There were paths on the course that we harder than others, and we were allowed to choose whichever way we decided to go. There were 3 levels, and our goal was to get to the top and zip line down. I was, unfortunately, the only one to fall, and I fell twice! I have a couple rope burns on my fingers but the overall experience was worth it. I learned a lot that day, like to be physically and mentally strong for┬áthe hard paths on the course.

The course was very fun and after I succeeded in finishing it, it felt like I had gained a lot that day. I would recommend this course as a fun little activity to do with friends, or with family!



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