Venice Beach

I, Kayla, recently went to Venice Beach. I went to Venice with my family from Los Angeles and my family who was visiting from Denver, Colorado. When we went, it was a nice and sunny day.

Image result for venice beach

When my family and I went to the beach, the first thing we did was rent bikes so we could bike around the beach. After riding around the beach, we stopped by for some ice cream since my younger cousins wanted ice cream. We then watched a show called “The Freak Show,” which is a show made up of animals with mutations [e.g. a turtle with two heads], people with different “talents” [e.g. sword swallower], and people who were willing to do dangerous stunts. After watching “The Freak Show,” we all decided to relax and hang out on the beach.

I would highly recommend going to Venice Beach,or any beach in general, especially if you have family and/or friends visiting from a state that isn’t sunny. The beach is also a fun way to hang out and relax with others.


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