Pismo Beach, CA

Recently, I Kayla took a road trip to Pismo Beach with my family, cousins, and my aunt and uncle. We all met up in Los Angeles [where my cousins live] so that we would all leave at the same time and know where to go. After that situation was settled, we got onto the road. The drive was about four hours, which is about as long as the drive to Las Vegas, but I didn’t mind because I love being on road trips.

Image result for pismo beach atv
Image result for pismo beach atv
sun buggy

After the four hours passed, we arrived at our hotel, which we only stayed at for one night, dropped our suitcases and luggage off and headed to the rental shop. At the rental shop we decided to rent two sun buggies and an ATV for everyone else.

Image result for pismo beach dunes ATV

After renting what we wanted, we all got into our vehicles and started riding around the sand dunes. Although driving the ATVs was fun, there were also times when your ATV would get stuck because you were going to slow up a hill. And when your ATV gets stuck, it’s really hard to get it out of the sand because you have to dig around all of the tires and either pull the ATV out of the sand or try to drive it out of the sand. The sand dunes are really fun to ride on because there are a lot of drops, but if you’re not a big fan of going up and down hills, there’s also a flat track you can drive on.

I would highly recommend going ATVing because it’s really fun, and after you go ATVing, you can relax on the beach because the sand dunes are on a separate part of the beach.


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