Kauai, Hawaii

I, Kayla, went to Kauai, Hawaii. I went on this trip with my family, two of my aunts, two of my uncles, and two of my little cousins. On this four day trip, we went jet skiing, snorkeling, and relaxed on the beach.

On the day we arrived, it was late at night so we didn’t get to do much. When we landed, we went straight to the hotel, unpacked all of our things and planned out what we were going to do.

On the very first day of the vacation, everyone woke up super early in the morning due to the time difference between California and Hawaii. Since everyone was awake Image result for kauai oceanand it was so early that nothing was open, we all decided to go to the beach. After staying at the beach for a while, we went to eat and then headed back to the beach to go jet skiing. While we were jet skiing we saw hammerhead sharks, but according to our guide, the sharks won’t harm you as long as you don’t harm them. After jet skiing and racing our jet skis, we headed back to the shore to swim. The rest of that day and the following day was more of a relaxing day for the adults while the kids did what they wanted to do together.

On the third day of the trip, we did the same thing as the day before, but instead of jet Image result for kauai snorkelingskiing, we all went snorkeling. Although it was fun to see the fish and the different animals, it wasn’t as fun as jet skiing because there weren’t that any animals to see and we didn’t have as much freedom to do as we wanted.

I would highly recommend this trip to other families because there’s something to do for the adults if they want to relax and there’s something to do for the kids. Jet skiing and snorkeling are also two activities the adults and children can do together.


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