Tet Festival

Every year, I, Sheila, go to a festival during New Years. I go with my scout troop along with friends and family. The event takes place on the weekend from Friday to Sunday.

In the year of 2017, I went dressed in my uniform for my venturing crew. When I first got there, my troop and other crews that were there did the opening flag ceremony. After that, we were free to go wherever. The foods at the festival were expensive but good. There were rides and booths where we could play games to win prizes. Some booths gave out free stuff, disguised advertisements in the form of toys for little kids. IMG_6511



There were lots of boards or posters spread out around the festival, as a celebration to the new year of the rooster. Each year, the animal zodiac repeats itself in a cycle of 12 animals, where the festival honors each animal. Many of the toys and prizes in the booths can consist of keychains or other household supplies of the animal. Each year that I went, I have never seen someone leave the festival without something to bring home. That is why many love this annual festival!



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